Interview: Conversations with Doctor Thunder

Was a pleasure to sit down and literally catch up with my dude Shawn “Thunder” Wallace who I’ve known almost 20 years now… INCREDIBLE musician and person. We spoke about everything from my background, to left vs. right hand dominance, favorite tour highlights, all the way to the shift our lives have taken as a result of this current pandemic. Dope conversation, check it out…

Southern Vanguard Radio Interview – Interview Sessions: Zo!

Last week, I sat down with my good friend and former WKU classmate, DJ Jon Doe last week and ended up going into an in-depth two hour interview that covers everything from our college days, to why baseball didn’t work out, to the time I randomly met Dilla…. to my history with +FE Music. Take some time to listen, download…. and most of all, enjoy!

Audio Interview with “It’s The Jam: Episode 5”

I’m actually laughing while listening back to this interview as if I wasn’t a part of it. Shouts to mah man Merc80, Chris and Kim Lehman all of for allowing me to come into their house and clown out for a couple hours before my show in LA on March 2nd. What a fun time of COMPLETE “let-loosedness”…. Enjoy!!!

Click HERE to listen to the interview

Zo! featured on Friday FaveCast (FFC)

Huge shouts to my man Fave outta Houston, TX for featuring me on his website and podcast for this week. He put together a helluva playlist for this week’s edition and included our interview toward the end of the podcast itself.

Fave says:

In this edition the heat and good music increase exponentially from familiar favorites and incredible newcomers to the game. Nod your head to the best in soul and progressive hip hop from across the land and the pond.

The health tip / update deals with the mental / emotional / spiritual issues that attack our physical bodies.

As we quench our thirst for quality tunes, get ready to chop it up with one of the rising musical stars of the new millennium. He’s a dynamic instrumentalist (the piano is his primary weapon of choice) and works with some of the FFC’s most coveted artists. Zo! checks in and breaks down the current state of the industry, taking the stage with the Foreign Exchange and what’s coming soon from his creative mind. 

Get a cool washcloth, a glass of ice water and press play. The weekend doesn’t officially begin until the FFC gets in. . .

Enjoy yourself. . .

Click here to download.

~The Playlist~

C17 – Moving Violation Tribute (instrumental)

M64 – Rhythm of the Drum Sa-Ra – Love Czar

?uestlove/Foreign Exchange/Zo!/Carlitta Durand – Purple Flip

Self Scientific – Love Bird (instrumental)

Donnie – Cloud Nince [DJ Spinna Remix]

De La Soul – View

Psymun – Ain’t No Sunshine (instrumental)

Shawn Stockman – If You Were a Boy

Carmen Rodgers – Dream

Otis & Shugg – Journey

Garcia’s Grooves – I Can’t Help It (instrumental)

Atjazz – Before feat. Clara Hill

Zo! & Asylum 7 – Overdue Process

Zo! – 4 Dilla (instrumental)

Nicolay – Rhodes (instrumental)

Foreign Exchange – If She Breaks Your Heart feat. Yahzarah

Zo! & Tigallo – I’m Only Human

Zo! & Asylum 7 – Rigorous (instrumental)

Nicolay – Coltrane (instrumental)

Fave – Another Love Song (instrumental)

9th Wonder – Everybody Loves the Sunshine (instrumental)

G.C. – Off the Wall Tribute (instrumental)