Solo Albums (Release Date)

Zo! Presents…Ablyss (December 2001)
Zo! Presents his…Actual Fiction (April 2002)
Zo! Presents…Today’s Ascension (August 2002)
Zo! Presents…A Canvas for the Adoration of Music (November 2002)
Zo! Presents…Elevation Music (April 2003) (CDr)
Zo! Presents…Passion & Definition (July 6, 2004)
Re:Definition (Mar. 29, 2005)
…just visiting EP (March 7, 2006)
Freelance (December 5, 2006)
…just visiting too EP (November 3, 2009)
SunStorm (July 27, 2010)
…just visiting three EP (July 12, 2011)
ManMade (May 21, 2013)
SkyBreak (May 20, 2016)
FourFront (Aug 9, 2019)

Collaborative Albums (Release Date)

Zo! and Tigallo Love the 80’s (Zo! and Phonte) (July 22, 2008)
Overdue Process (Zo! and Asylum 7) (January 1, 2009) 
Abstractions (Zo! & Tall Black Guy) (April 2, 2021)
Zo! + Sy Smith (Coming 2021)

Full Album Work for Other Artists (Credit, Release Date)

Dear Friends: An Evening With The Foreign Exchange The Foreign Exchange (Grand Piano, July 28, 2011) 
Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey
 The Foreign Exchange (Co-Production, August 21, 2015)

TV/Film/Documentary (Credit, Release Date)

Suite Sessions | Zo! ManMade Documentary (Score and Subject, December 18, 2013)
Undeniable – The Story Of The Independent Soul Movement (Score and Participant, 2014)
Black Dynamite: The Animated Series – Season 2 (Music, 2014)
Making SkyBreak (Score, Subject, & Co-Producer, 2017)
Black, White & Blue (Score, 2018)
The Takeover: The Revolution of the Black Experience At Northwestern University (Score, 2018)
Sherman’s Showcase (Music, 2019 – Present)
“Take You Out Tonight” South Side (Season 2, Episode 6, TV, 2021)

Music Appears In… (Type, Year)

“Greater Than The Sun” (feat. Phonte) appears in In Our Mothers’ Gardens (Film, 2021)
“Connected” (feat. Josh Milan) appears in South Side (TV (S2, Ep5), 2021)
“Say How You Feel” (feat. Phonte & Carlitta Durand) appears in Queen Sugar (TV (S7, Ep2), 2022)

Music For Podcasts | Radio (Credit, Year)

“Laiya’s So Black” Questlove Supreme (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2017)
“Suga Steve’s Words Of Wisdom” Questlove Supreme (Keys & Bass, 2017)
“Tales From the Latin Quarter” Questlove Supreme (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2017)
“Boss Bill Is Getting Angry” Questlove Supreme (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2018)

Other Credits (Credit, Release Year)

“Quitters” Prophetix (Production & All Instruments, 2002)
“Going Out” Rubix feat. Jonz (b/k/a Kameron Corvet) (Production & All Instruments, 2002)
“Angel” Illite (b/k/a T. Calmese) (Keys, 2003)
“2002” R-Swift (Production & All Instruments, 2003)
“Balm of Gilead” Buff 1 feat. 14KT (Production & All Instruments, 2003)
“Closer” Slum Village feat. Dwele (Keys, 2003) (Uncredited on Album) 
“I.A.M. (It’s A Movement)” Finalé (Production & All Instruments, 2003)
“Strong Black Rebel Rap” Jon Doe feat. J. Sands (Keys, 2003)
“Promised Land” Athletic Mic League (Keys 2004)
“93 Million Miles” S.U.N. feat. Jason Berry and Jamie Register (Production & All Instruments, 2004)
“Life is in Motion” S.U.N. feat. Nani Wesley (Production & All Instruments, 2004)
“Listen Up” Asylum 7 (Production & All Instruments, 2004)
“Critical” Tasherre D’Enajetic (Bass, 2004)
“This Is” Tasherre D’Enajetic (Production & All Instruments, 2004)
“Stay With Me” Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Tiombe Lockhart (Co-Production, Keys and Key Bass, 2004)
“No Worries” Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Spacek (Keys, 2004
“Prelude To…” Havana (Production & All Instruments, 2005)
“Feel My Love” Havana (Production & All Instruments, 2005)
“Feel My Love” (Musical Architect Remix)” Havana (Production & All Instruments, 2005)
“Soul Train” Finalé (Production & All Instruments, 2005)
“Observe Remix” Asylum 7 (Production & All Instruments, 2005)
“If U Only Knew” Tiffany Paige (Production & All Instruments, 2005)
“Limitless” Jax (of Binkis Recs.) (Production & All Instruments, 2005)
“I’m Sayin'” Now On ft. Ty (b/k/a Ty Dolla $ign formally of Ty & Kory) (Production & All Instruments, 2005)
“Creep Show” Finalé (Production & All Instruments, 2006)
“4 Dilla” Zo! (Production & All Instruments, 2006)
“For U” Buff1 (Keys, 2007)
“Ambiance” Completion (Production & All Instruments, 2007)
“Sun Shines Again” Tony Ozier (Production & All Instruments, 2007)
“Simile” Median (Prod. & All Instruments, 2007)
“Please Stand By” (UK Bonus Track) Little Brother (Production & All Instruments, 2007)
“When Everything Is New” Little Brother (Production & All Instruments, 2007)
“Searching” Illite (b/k/a T. Calmese) (Keys, 2008)
“Man Up” Buff1 feat. Vaughan T. of AML (Co-Production, Keys, Bass & Guitar, 2008)
“If She Breaks Your Heart” The Foreign Exchange feat. YahZarah (Co-Production, 2008)
“The Inside” 14KT feat. Tiffany Paige (Bass & Keys, 2008)
“ICU Smile” 14KT feat. Karla Crawford (Guitar & Add’l Bass, 2008)
“Less Than Enough” 14KT feat. AB (Add’l Keys, 2008)
“Chocolate” Big Tone feat. L’Renee (Keys, 2009)
“The Look” Big Tone feat. Ta’Raach and Phoenix (Keys, 2009)
“Lord Help Me” Kev Brown feat. Eye-Q and Cy Young (Piano, 2009)
“Purple Flip” ?uestlove, Foreign Exchange, Zo! and Carlitta Durand (Keys & Moog Synth 2009)
“Shibuya Station” Nicolay (Keys Solo, 2009)
“Wake Up In Another Life” Nicolay feat. Carlitta Durand (Piano Solo, 2009)
“Transitions” Julie Dexter (Production & All Instruments, 2010)
“Love/Hate” The Quiett feat. Jinbo (Production & All Instruments, 2010)
“Two Step Blues (Zo’s Purple Suit With the Matching Gators Remix)” Little Brother feat. Darien Brockington (Production & All Instruments, 2010)
“Why Don’t You Call Me No More” YahZarah (Bass, 2010)
“Cry Over You” YahZarah feat. Phonte (Add’l Production, 2010)
“Shadow” YahZarah (Production, 2010)
“Love Come Save the Day” YahZarah feat. Al Strong (Keys, 2010)
“Fight For Love” The Foreign Exchange (Co-Production, Piano, Moog Solo 2010)
“Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me” The Foreign Exchange (Keys, 2010)
“Don’t Wait” The Foreign Exchange feat. Darien Brockington (Talkbox, 2010)
“Everything Must Go” The Foreign Exchange (Piano, 2010)
“Something In the Way She Moves” The Foreign Exchange (Piano, 2010)
“Ask Of U” New Jack Kings feat. Meyer Hawthorne (Keys, Bass & Guitar 2010)
“This Time Around (Nu Clap Edit Mix)” RoddyRod feat. Phonte & Carlitta Durand (Bass, 2010)
“Steal Away” The Foreign Exchange feat. Jeanne Jolly (Piano Solo, 2011)
“Kiss The Sky” Median feat. Sy Smith (Keys, 2011)
“Sendin’ My Love” Phonte feat. Carlitta Durand (Keys and Percussion, 2011)
“To Be Yours” Phonte (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2011)
“See U Later” The Away Team feat. Phonte (Keys, 2011)
“Motivation” Rapsody feat. Big Rube (Piano, Moog Synth & Moog Bass, 2012)
“Don’t Let It Be So” The Foreign Exchange (Co-Production, 2013)
“Gonna Be A Beautiful Night” (Zo!’s Story Of A Star Remix) Phonte feat. Carlitta Durand (Production, 2013)
“Listen To The Rain” The Foreign Exchange (Co-Production, Piano, Rhodes & Bass, 2013)
“Can’t Turn Around” The Foreign Exchange feat. Gwen Bunn (Piano, 2013)
“Nineteen” Jamall Bufford (Buff1) (Co-Production, Keys, Moog Synth, 2013)
“Inner Monologue” Talib Kweli (Keys, Moog Synth, 2013)
“Sacreligious” The 1978ers (Keys, 2014)
Body (Zo! Remix)” (“Body” Original Version) The Foreign Exchange feat. Carmen Rodgers (Production & All Instruments, 2015)
“Sun Chaser” Collective Peace (Synth Lead & Solo, 2016)
“Where Have You Been” Collective Peace (Production & All Instruments,, 2016)
“You & Me” Collective Peace (Production & All Instruments, 2016)
“It’s So Easy” Phonte & Eric Roberson (Co-Production, Guitar, Add’l Keys & Bass, 2016)
“My Kinda Lady” Phonte & Eric Roberson (Add’l Keys, 2016)
“Hold Tight” Phonte & Eric Roberson (Add’l Keys & Guitar, 2016)
Interlude after “Grow This Love” Phonte & Eric Roberson (Production & All Instruments, 2016)
“Never The Same Smile” Phonte & Eric Roberson feat. Shana Tucker (Co-Production, 2016)
“Waitin’ 4 Ya” Phonte & Eric Roberson feat. Carmen Rodgers (Add’l Keys, 2016)
“When Reality Sets In” Aaron Abernathy (Bass & Drums, 2016)
“Treat You Right” Mickey Factz & Nottz feat. Phonte (Keys, 2016)
“To The Rescue” Phonte (Add’l Keys & Bass, 2018)
“Such Is Life” Phonte (Piano, Add’l Keys & Intro Bass, 2018)
“Change Of Mind” Phonte feat. Freddie Gibbs (Add’l Keys, 2018)
“Find That Love Again” Phonte feat. Eric Roberson (Piano & Add’l Keys, 2018)
“Euphorium (Bring Back The Light)” Phonte (Piano, Bass & Add’l Keys, 2018)
“Things About You” Waajeed feat. Asante & Zo! (Guitar, 2018)
“Il Padrone” DJ Jon Doe feat. J57, El Gant & Zo! (Moog Synth & Rhodes, 2018)
“Can We” Phonte (Piano, 2019)
“Beverly Hills” Phonte (Add’l Keys, 2019)
“Ego” Phonte (Keys, Add’l Bass & String Arrangement, 2019)
“Can’t Lose The Soul” Priest Da Nomad (Bass, 2019)
“Love Won’t Let Me” Priest Da Nomad feat. Sy Smith (Keys, 2019)
“Theme From Sherman’s Showcase (70’s/80’s Version)” Sherman’s Showcase (from Sherman’s Showcase on AMC & IFC) (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2019)
“Time Loop” Sherman’s Showcase feat. Ne-Yo (from Sherman’s Showcase on AMC & IFC) (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2019)
“That Ain’t Right” Sherman’s Showcase (from Sherman’s Showcase on AMC & IFC) (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2019)
“Drop It Low (For Jesus)” Sherman’s Showcase (from Sherman’s Showcase on AMC & IFC) (Co-Production. & All Instruments, 2019)
“Vicki, Is the Water Warm Enough” Sherman’s Showcase feat. Vic Mensa (from Sherman’s Showcase on AMC & IFC) (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2019)
“Theme From Sherman’s Showcase (90’s Version)” Sherman’s Showcase (from Sherman’s Showcase on AMC & IFC) (Co-Prod. & All Instruments, 2019)
“The Black Kids At The White School (College Go-Go Song)” Sherman’s Showcase (from Sherman’s Showcase on AMC & IFC) (Co-Production, Bass & Guitar, 2019)
“Runnin'” Sherman’s Showcase (from Sherman’s Showcase on AMC & IFC) (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2019)
“This Is My Fantasy” Sherman’s Showcase (from Sherman’s Showcase on AMC & IFC) (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2019)
“Theme From Sherman’s Showcase (2013 Version)” Sherman’s Showcase (from Sherman’s Showcase on AMC & IFC) (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2019)
“Right On Time” Little Brother feat. Darien Brockington (Keys & Synth, 2019)
“Life After Blackface” Little Brother (Co-Production & Piano, 2019)
“Dyana Save My Life” Little Brother (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2019)
“What I Came For” Little Brother feat. Darien Brockington (Keys & Synth, 2019)
“Inside The Producer’s Studio” Little Brother (Production & All Instruments, 2019)
“Sittin’ Alone” Little Brother feat. Tamisha Waden (Keys & Synth, 2019)
“Picture This” Little Brother feat. Blakk Soul (Keys & Synth, 2019)
“Work Through Me” Little Brother (Keys & Synth, 2019)
“Sing Me A Lullabye” Sherman’s Showcase feat. Vic Mensa & Phonte (from Sherman’s Showcase on AMC & IFC) (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2020)
“Lift Every Trap And Sing” Sherman’s Showcase (from Sherman’s Showcase on AMC & IFC) (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2020)
“Whoop De Kids” Sherman’s Showcase feat. Phonte (from Sherman’s Showcase on AMC & IFC) (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2020)
“They Forgot Father’s Day” John Legend feat. Ne-Yo, Travis Barker & Snoop Dogg (from John Legend and Family: A Bigger Love Father’s Day on ABC) (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2020)
“Turn It Blue” Big Sant (Georgia Voter PSA) (Keys, 2020)
“Waitaminit” Lyric Jones (Keys, 2020)
“I Guess” Carlitta Durand feat. Durand Bernarr (Co-Production, Keys & Bass, 2020)
“For Mack” Saxappeal (Piano, 2020)
“Say It One Mo’ Time” Saxappeal (Keys, 2020)
“Black Boy Joy” Saxappeal feat. Fatt Father (Bass, 2020)
“Before You Go” Priest Da Nomad feat. J. Hill (Keys, 2021)
“My Love” Priest Da Nomad feat. Deborah Bond (Add’l Keys, 2021)
“Bad Dream” BeMyFiasco (Add’l Keys, 2021)
“Love Feels” BeMyFiasco (Co-Production, Keys & Bass, 2021)
“2 Car Garage” BeMyFiasco (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2021)
“Caramel” BeMyFiasco (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2021)
second half of “Anywhere” BeMyFiasco feat. Carlitta Durand (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2021)
“Through The Middle” BeMyFiasco (Co-Production & All Instruments, 2021)
“Overnight” Lute (Co-Production & Keys, 2021)

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