“Sightseeing” (Zo! & Tall Black Guy – OFFICIAL Abstractions Album Trailer)

Zo! & Tall Black Guy
Abstractions Album Trailer
Video by Digife
City footage captured by LaDarrel “Saxappeal” Johnson
Abstractions is available NOW

Sightseeing (feat. Pirahnahead & Diviniti)
(L. Ferguson, T. Wallace, P. Coleman)
Produced by Zo! & Tall Black Guy & Phonte
Lead Vocals by Pirahnahead & Diviniti
Background Vocals by Pirahnahead, Diviniti & Phonte
All Instruments by Zo! & Tall Black Guy, except
Saxophone by LaDarrel “Saxappeal” Johnson
Trumpet by Aaron Janik

City of
Woodward Ave, Cass Tech
Eastern Market, 7 Mile
Sweetwater, Aretha

In the city

City of
Spectacles, Outer Dr
New Dance Show, Belle Isle
Bread Basket, The Shelter

In the city
In the city

The Mixologists: dj harvey dent’s ‘For Zo!’(via SoulBounce)

Photo by Keith Estep • Article by Butta for SoulBounce.com

The name Zo! is one that SoulBouncers should be very familiar with. We have covered his music extensively over the years – from his solo efforts to his work with The Foreign Exchange and other artists – and evolved beyond fans into family. Zo! has a new album entitled Abstractions on the way in conjunction with Tall Black Guy that we already know will go into immediate heavy rotation based on the first two singles, “Talkin’ To Myself” and “Hold My Hand.”

Little Brother – When Everything Is New
Zo! feat. Eric Roberson, Darien Brockington & Rapper Big Pooh – This Could Be The Night
Little Brother feat. Darien Brockington – Two Step Blues (Zo! Purple Suit With Matching Gators Remix)
The Foreign Exchange – Body
The Foreign Exchange – Body (Zo! Remix)
Zo! feat. Eric Roberson & Carmen Rodgers – Love Up
Zo! – SwingTime
Zo! feat. Carlitta Durand – Nights Over Egypt
Zo! feat. Dornik – Lifelines (Reel People Reprise)
Zo! feat. Dornik – Lifelines (Reel People Extended Mix)
Zo! feat. Tamisha Waden – Steal My Joy
Zo! feat. Tamisha Waden – Steal My Joy (Reel People Vocal Mix)
Theme from Sherman’s Showcase (70s-80s Version)
Zo! feat. Eric Roberson – We Are On The Move
Zo! feat. Eric Roberson & Phonte – We Are On The Move (Black Coffee Remix)
Zo! feat. Debórah Bond – Step Up Front
The Foreign Exchange – Asking For A Friend
The Foreign Exchange – As Fast As You Can
Zo! feat. Tiffany Paige – Inertia
Zo! feat. Joi – Just Whatcha Like (David Harness Vocal Mix)
Zo! feat. Chantae Cann – All Is Well With Love (Pirahnahead Remix)
Zo! & Tall Black Guy feat. BeMyFiasco – Talkin’ To Myself
Zo! feat. Sy Smith – The Train
Zo! & Tigallo feat. Darien Brockington – Written All Over Your Face
Zo! & Phonte feat. Tigallo the Tay God – Return Of The Mack
Aaron Abernathy feat. Zo! – When Reality Sets In
Zo! feat. Gwen Bunn – Count To Five
Zo! feat. Jesse Boykins III – If I Could Tell You No
Collective Peace – Where Have You Been
Zo! – For Pops
Zo! feat. Tiffany Paige – Free
Zo! feat. Stokley – Sweat
Zo! feat. Sy Smith – Greatest Weapon Of All Time
Zo! & Tall Black Guy feat. Darien Brockington, Muhsinah & Phonte – Hold My Hand
Little Brother – Whatever You Say (Zo! Remix)
Zo! feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant – Let It Go
Zo! feat. Debórah Bond – For Moms
Zo! feat. Phonte – ManMade
Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Tiombe Lockhart – Stay With Me
Julie Dexter – Transitions
Zo! + Asylum 7 – Overdue Process
Theme from Sherman’s Showcase (90s Version)

Zo! + Sy Smith “Body Rock” (Acoustic version)

In our now 12+ years of working together, I think it’s safe to say by now that my sister Sy Smith and I have accumulated some gahtdamn jams. This one was written with our brother Phonte and closed out my 2013 album #ManMade.

Since it looks like we’re gonna be in the house for awhile, Sy and I decided to have some fun with it.  #ZoAndSySmith #Acoustic #AtTheCrib #CribJams #WeGonBeHereForAMinute

Zo! & Tall Black Guy Creating “Step Up Front” in the studio.

There were a plenty of “special” moments that occurred during the recording of FourFront.… I’m just happy to have captured one of them.

During only the second studio session that Tall Black Guy and I worked together in, the music for “Step Up Front” happened… …….And I happened to have the camera on for it.

Runnit and learn about the song’s story also.

Zo! appears on “The Negro League” Podcast hosted by Preach Jacobs

This episode of TNL, Preach (@preachjacobs) talks to Zo! (1:48)(@zo3hree5ive)about his ‘Piano & A Microphone’ tour with Carmen Rodgers as they are set to hit Columbia, SC May 4th – cop tickets HERE. We talk about his first music placement and even his Detroit Lions.

Next we speak to the founder of At Shaun’s Table (@atshaunstable) Shaun Adams (44:21) as we talk about black authors, black business and what it means to create food with love and other black foolishness.

Intro music: Ski Beatz (@skibeatz) Sponsored by Mo’ Betta Soul clothing: mobettasoul.bigcartel.com Enter code “Negro” to save 10%. Wanna donate? Hit us: $MoBettaSoul

“The Takeover” – Film by Digifé | Score by Zo!

In the summer of 2017 while in California hosting screenings for our recently completed documentary (Making SkyBreak) on the creation of my album, SkyBreakDigifé (then Digital Café) approached me about a brand new project they had just been commissioned by Northwestern University to do… They wanted to know if I would be willing to score it. To be honest, I don’t even remember if I even knew what the doc was gonna be about when I first interrupted Donnie Seals (of Digifé) to blurt out, “Maaaaan, HELL yeah!!” Fast forward to Sept 2018, here we are with a helluva finished product that I’m super proud to be a part of.

“What was most impressive was the speed and depth this dude works. One day he’d send some funk that sounded like James Brown, the next day epic music like John Williams.”   Donnie Seals of Digifé

The Takeover (2018)
Film by Digifé
Score by Zo!


Check the film’s OFFICIAL trailer…