Zo! & Tall Black Guy Creating “Step Up Front” in the studio.

There were a plenty of “special” moments that occurred during the recording of FourFront.… I’m just happy to have captured one of them.

During only the second studio session that Tall Black Guy and I worked together in, the music for “Step Up Front” happened… …….And I happened to have the camera on for it.

Runnit and learn about the song’s story also.

Zo! – Studio Time… Vol. 4

Bobby Caldwell’s “Open Your Eyes” is a joint that I’ve always enjoyed. Common and Dilla put their spin on it when they introduced us to “The Light” and it has since become a very well recognizable song, especially when the second verse comes in with “There are tiiiiiiimes…..”

The chord changes are beautiful and I have been working with the music for a few days now… even worked in a “hand separation” drill at the end of it where my left hand does something consistent and my right hand solos. I finally got the nerve up to record myself… I think it came out ok.