Interview: The Seven Mellow Concepts of ZO!

The Seven Mellow Concepts of Zo!
Author: Hector De La Rosa
Source: Mellow Concepts

Detroit native Lorenzo Ferguson, known to the masses as Zo!, is a Multi-Instrumentalist/ Producer deemed genius. His recent release ManMade and his affiliation with Phonte (of Little Brother) and Foreign Exchange further enhances his artistry while fueling his creativity to stellar heights. Zo! sits down with Hector De La Rosa of Mellow Concepts: The Mellow Hang Suite and expands on the seven given concepts pertaining to his life, love for the art form, and the profound impact J. Dilla had on his artistic approach in music.

† Zo on the Concept of what makes his artistry unique:

Independent is one word that describes my artistry. I make music on my own terms, which is of huge importance to me in having creative freedom especially in a music industry that dictates how music as an art form should be marketed. It is necessary to have my hands on the distribution and marketing aspect of my music to have some kind of knowledge of where I am heading as an artist and entrepreneur. If I bring something creative to the table, I must make sure my product will not be shelved or flushed down the drain because it does not meet a certain music industry criteria or standard. I firmly believe music that comes directly from the head foremost heart is of purest form.


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