News 02.28.09

What’s the word y’all? First of all, I want to personally thank everyone for supporting and picking up the new Overdue Process album with Asylum 7. We have received a lotta love from the project and just want to say, “thank you!” The release party back home in Michigan was a complete success. It looked like a real life version of “This is Your Life” in that joint. I hadn’t rocked with the Gorilla Funk Mob in about a year and a half, so that was crazy in and of itself. I have posted some pics from the release party as well as other shows here.


Zo! & Asylum 7

Overdue Process

is still available on iTunes and the Tasteful Licks Records site.

In live show news, most of you all know that I have been traveling with The Foreign Exchange in promotion of their new album Leave It All Behind. There have been new show dates added!!!



Who’s gonna step up and bring this show to Detroit?! And the West Coast?!



Zo! – SunStorm

Production for the new album titled, SunStorm is in full swing. The brotha Phonte sent me something for the album a couple weeks back, and let’s just say that my excitement for the project tripled. New joints coming, new joints coming, NEW JOINTS COMING!! SunStorm is coming together and I’m hyped y’all…

Oh and by the way, …just visiting too is almost complete. It will be released BEFORE SunStorm… How ‘bout that?!


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