“Overdue Process” Track Breakdown – #5 “Crossover” (feat. Miz Korona)

Track #5
“Crossover” (feat. Miz Korona)

One day in June during my wonderful summer break away from teaching, I was on IM with Korona catching up with her, just in general. I’ve known Korona for about 5 years now and we carry a special bond being as though we were born on the same day (September 11th) in the same year – so I always call her “Twin”, or just simply “Sis”…the girl is definitely like a sister to me. On top of that, she is just a flat-out gifted, experienced, and hungry emcee that makes you feel her passion for the music she’s on. 

So during this particular IM conversation, we ended up going back and forth talking about the projects we were working on at the time. She even sent me a couple joints to preview that were ridiculous…

The conversation started moving toward the progression of the Overdue Process album and how well things were moving…

Me: I’m finishing Asylum 7’s album. We’ve got about 3 more joints left to do.

Korona: I love his shit, he’s dope. …I’ve got to do a joint with him.

All while this IM conversation was going on, I started sending texts to A7. The gears were turning at this point…

Me: Ayo man, I’m on AIM w/Korona…Said she’s feeling your material.

A7: Oh word? I didn’t even know. Tell her I appreciate that

Me: What’s up w/gettin her on a joint for the album?

A7: Hell yeah!

It was all too easy. I guess it’s supposed to be when you have two excellent emcees that respect each other’s abilities. 

Musically, I wanted to create something a little bit darker and harder, but simplistic so that the music would be able to complement the emcees involved. I wanted that joint to provoke a sparring match between 7 and Korona – not a “Battle” between them, but healthy competition equivalent to bringing your teammate up for a big game. They did that…I figured that out on my 9th listen in a row after receiving the final vocals from them…

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