“Overdue Process” Track Breakdown… #4 “Mentality Maker”

Track #4
“Mentality Maker”

If I remember correctly, this was the second or third song that we recorded for the album and uhh…there were no rewrites for this one…not that I’m aware of anyway…….

The original music for “Mentality Maker” was shopped to a couple people before A7. As a matter of fact, it was a track that was supposed to be utilized on the now defunct Dreamwalk album. I passed it to A7 because the joint reminded me of when we first started working together on the “Listen Up” joint and I wanted to see what he would come with on it.

A7 actually used the original title I named the instrumental that I sent him (“Sunsurface”) in the first line of the song.

“Let’s take a trip up to the sun’s surface…” 

So that caught my attention from the jump.

I decided to keep the original synth bassline that I laid on the song, while replaying the remaining key parts and especially the guitar parts. Once the guitar was redone, everything else just fell into place.

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