“Overdue Process” Track Breakdown… #3 “Overdue Process”

Track #3 – “Overdue Process”

Alright, so the title track was the second-to-last song that we completed for the album. The funny thing about this one was that the music for it was just sitting for about 4 months before I went back through things and discovered it again. 

I was searching through my sequences one day …actually looking for something completely unrelated to the album. 

Skipping through, I heard some joints…but still couldn’t find what I was looking for at the time.

Then I came to the sequence… *Cue music for “Overdue Process”*

The music really jumped out at me and in nodding to it…the music felt GOOD.

“OOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I FORGOT about THIS one!!!!!!!!”

I remembered it being something that I laid out one day in order to get one of my ideas out and recorded real quickly.

I hopped on the text and hit up A7 like, “I’ve got another one! Gonna track it and send it.”

7 ended up turning yet another joint around in about 24 hours. I had the dry vocals in my possession the next DAY. At this point, 7 was so excited about finishing the album that he had turned into a writing madman…it was damn near hard to keep up with HIM. Passing him a joint pretty much went like this…

Zo: “Here you go…”

(25 minutes later)
A7: “Here YOU go…”

Zo: “Alright, Got another one!”

(all of 17 minutes passes)
A7: “Check your inbox”

Zo: “DAMN man!!”

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