New Joint with Julie Dexter… "Transitions"

As good music fanatic, I’d certainly like to think that I do a fairly good job of keeping my ear to the ground and staying up on quality artists. Soon after I was introduced to Julie Dexter’s music in 2002 by a friend of mine, I ended up purchasing her Dexterity album from… To this day, I have “Faith” and “God Bless the Dub” on my iPod (I may have embarrassed her by showing her this. lol It was all in fun… and respect). So I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a lil hyped up when I received a call from her manager a couple summer ago inquiring about music. Of course I have material ready. Let’s run it…! Some months went by before hearing from him again, but when I did, I received word that Julie had written to one of my joints and was ready to record. She happened to be in town in June, came on by the house with her manager… and we got to work. The music was pulled up, tracked out and ready to be recorded on before she got there……. and only two hours later, we were finished and cracking jokes… well, I was anyway. Talk about EASY to work with… Preparation y’all, it goes a LONG way in the studio. Anyway, glad to finally have this joint out here to share with y’all….. Enjoy.