Performing “Nights Over Egypt” with Sy Smith at the Lewitt Lounge at NAMM 2013 (Video)

Thanks to our brother, Tim Scott Jr. (drummer for The Foreign Exchange), I was able to get my hands on full performance videos of Sy’s performance in the Lewitt Lounge at NAMM 2013. Let me just say up front, that I was having a BLAST on stage with these kats whom I met no more than a half hour than we actually set foot on stage to put on a show… Hell, I wasn’t even supposed to be ON the show, but that’s how things work out sometimes. Anyway, please enjoy myself on keys, Lemar Carter on drums, Terron Crayton on bass, Erick Walls on guitar, and of course Sy Smith saingin’ her ass off as we loosened up and rocked out for the crowd that gathered in the lounge for us.