15% Off SITEWIDE! | shop.zo3hree5ive.com

So, check it out… I have built and now launched a brand new store!! This has been 3 months in the making ….and I would NOT recommend building a store while attempting to finish a bunch of music either.
Be sure to bookmark the new spot!

A couple things real quick:
• Reward points from the previous store are waiting for you! Just go to the new spot, click the Zo! Rewards tab in the bottom right hand corner and click “Join Now”.
• Create a new account with the email you’ve used to order before and your points should appear – if not, let me know.

• Previously earned personal $10 discount codes will still work in the new store. Everything earned is still there! To celebrate everything, 20% off sitewide! (until April 5th @ 3a EST)
The service hasn’t changed. Still getting orders out same or next business day. I appreciate y’all!!

NEW Zo! Online Store Rewards Program

Brand new for 2019…
I am introducing a Zo! Rewards Program for my online store!!

Each time you shop and accumulate $100 at the store online…
You will be sent a personalized coupon code to receive $10 OFF of your next order!!

After each order placed, you will be emailed an update on your current reward status.

For example, if you place an order for $30…
“You are up to 30 points! Currently 70 away from your $10 off Reward!”

Spend $100
Get $10 OFF

Pretty simple, but I wanted to show appreciation to my people who are and have been loyal customers this way.

Much love to you!!
Cheers to the start of an excellent new year!!