WATCH: Zo! – ‘Making SkyBreak’

It’s here… It’s HERE!!
The Making SkyBreak Documentary is now available.
A personal album deserves a very personal film, right? I LOVE the way Digifé was able to capture behind-the-scenes work for #SkyBreak, accurately depict the personalities of my folks who contributed to the album… We even got Momma Zo! and my sister (Sister Zo!? lol) to sit down for interviews. I really can’t begin to go into how extremely PROUD I am of this project. I’m absolutely appreciative of the work put in by Donnie, Eric, Raphael and Avery… I’m even MORE excited that everyone now has an opportunity to watch the finished product.

Making SkyBreak includes appearances from Phonte, Carmen Rodgers, Sy Smith, Joi, Waajeed, Shana Tucker, Tamisha Waden, Duane Powell, LaDarrel “Saxappeal” Johnson, Kristopher Crosby, Kamau Inaede, Aaron Abernathy, RoddyRod and Zana Smith (of Spectacles Detroit)

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  1. Whats good Zo. The music is great and I am now a fan. In the interest of buying back cuz I can’t go back, Where do I buy your music so you get the most directly for the purchase?

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