‘…just visiting’ on Vinyl, .mp3 and CD


“Braingitonback!!!” © Ol’ Dirty (1995)

Because this promotion (originally run in January) was SO popular, I decided to let it flourish one more time in the month of March. Once again, this is for my folks who have always wanted to get their hands on a copy of the original 2006 vinyl-only released …just visiting, but never had access to a turntable.

So, this is how it works…

If you purchase …just visiting I will personally email the album’s .mp3 files to the email address provided on the order and I will put the album on a CD for you as well. Of course this is in addition to you receiving the vinyl in the mail as a keepsake…

Purchase …just visiting and receive:

1 – …just visiting on vinyl (only 1,000 copies exist)

1 – …just visiting on CD

1 – …just visiting via .mp3 that I will email to you


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