Behind The Scenes: ‘ManMade’ Photo Shoot in NC with Creative Silence


Let’s just say I was a bit overdue for a new photo shoot…. SO, I trooped back down to North Carolina to get some pictures taken for the new album ManMade by Creative Silence (Phonte’s Charity Starts At Home and Median’s The Sender). The majority of the shots were done last night……. and the remainder will be shot this afternoon. I’m looking very forward to seeing what this cover art is gonna look like. Y’all stay tuned…

One thought on “Behind The Scenes: ‘ManMade’ Photo Shoot in NC with Creative Silence

  1. I greatly appreciated the sneak peak of the Creative Silence behind the scene of ManMade photo shoot! That was pretty awesome! Once again, congratulations on being an official Lewitt endorser! That’s incredible & you are well deserving of it! Your music is amazing with or without collabos! Zo, much continued success to you! Keep making that wonderful music! 🙂

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