Welcome To the Newly Launched… Zo3hree5ive.com


Finally, finally, FINALLY….

Out with musicalarchitect.com and in with Zo3hree5ive.com….

This is it… This is now my official artist website. So any information on upcoming shows, my musical catalog, back stories, NEW stories, booking inquiriesvideosany of my releasesmerchandise, and any other miscellaneous information you can think of can be found right here.

The store is now up and running so feel free to catch up on any back catalog of mine that you may be missing. There is even a place to contact me and ask a question or two if you’d like and for my Twitter and Facebook folks, both of my pages can be found on the right side.

Make sure to join the mailing list so that you are updated and kept completely in the loop… Outside of that, i’m looking forward to keeping things interesting here for y’all on this site that is finally 100% operated and conducted by me (yes, there is an elaborate story behind why this is such a big deal….. i’ll write about it later on)…


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