Teachers / Educators = EXTREMELY Underappreciated …Thus underpaid.

I posted this last year while I was still teaching in the classroom:

As a HS Music Teacher, I am (in this particular order):

A bouncer, a positive Black male influence, a master in the art of PATIENCE, a bodyguard, a comfortable constant, a debate expert, a bullshit detector, a listening ear and possible advice giver, an attention caterer, a therapist, a musician, a counselor, a professional wrestler, a temporary daddy replacement, a police officer, and a teacher…

Teachers.. We need you and salute you.

One thought on “Teachers / Educators = EXTREMELY Underappreciated …Thus underpaid.

  1. As a political science major, it’s really imperative that we have solid teachers for children of ALL incomes to have a chance to make a better future for themselves. I salute your positive love for them and it’s really my lifetime’s ambition to make education worth fighting for. Thank you for giving me good music to fight the good fight with, and also romance the ladies with.

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