Four appearances on the New Foreign Exchange album… ‘Authenticity’

Well, as most of you all know, The Foreign Exchange just released their third album this past Tuesday on October 12th, Authenticity. I am proud to announce the fact that I appear on 4 of the 11 tracks on the album… 

“Fight For Love” was a song that Phonte and I wrote and demoed from scratch down in my spot back in June. I won’t post the original demo as it is extremely rough… it was basically Phonte with a melody and some lyrics and me on the keys creating and locking in a chord progression while charting at the same time so I wouldn’t forget what the hell I just played. The final result left me what the only outside production credit on the album (second FE album in a row), keys credit and also credit for the Moog synth solo. I also played piano on the lead single, “Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me” as well as “Everything Must Go”. I was requested to channel the late, great Roger Troutman by breaking out the talkbox at the end of “Don’t Wait”, which marked the first time that I had even recorded with the talkbox – It was a lot of fun, I will certainly admit that.

The Foreign Exchange’s Authenticity album is available right here. You can also listen to the entire album via that link as well. Enjoy it!


Phonte and I in East Wing Studios after working on the first draft of “Fight For Love” 6.9.10

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