And Look What Showed Up At My Door Today….

There are a few major milestones involved in the completion of an album… The first, is finishing the production work on it – meaning all of the music, vocals, and mixing. The second, is receiving that audio back from mastering. The third, is approving the final artwork for the album. While the final step is obviously the album’s release date, the next big occurrence is receiving the physical copies in the mail. After a couple months of posting the cover art in various places and looking through the artwork via .pdf files, it’s still something about holding the actual CD in my hand. There’s something absolutely exhilarating about reading through your own credits once it is live and in print, no matter how many times you have gone through and proofread it already. It also marks the official beginning of the second process… Getting the music that you have been listening to and wearing out for the entire duration of the album’s starting point… to the public’s ears. So, you can just imagine the feeling I had when I came from the gym this afternoon, pulled in front of my house and saw this….
That’s right ch’all… Four boxes full of SunStorm CD’s. I actually didn’t know what it was until I walked right up on it. I was standing at the front door with a hand full of today’s mail. But best believe all that got pushed to the side for a minute while I stopped to reach down for my boxes full of music.

I’ll also say this, have you ever been so happy that you begin to lose your natural mind? Well, I’ll just say that when I got inside, stripped that packaging tape, and cracked that first CD open, the first thing I thought was,

“Maaaaaaan, I’m about to sell all of these right NOW!”

There was no concept of release date, and my mind completely deserted the fact that I was to sign all of the CD’s in three of the boxes to fulfill outstanding pre-orders so far. Sadly, logic had taken a leave of absense from my thinking process at the time. It wasn’t until I got an email from Aimee Flint (Dir. of Operations for +FE Music) reminding me to sign the CD’s and send them through ASAP that I finally brought myself off of my cloud of delightful ignorance. But today marks the beginning of SunStorm making whatever impact it’s supposed to make. I hope y’all choose to celebrate with me….


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