Monica Blaire Records for ‘SunStorm’…

So I was on the way to a midnight rehearsal earlier tonight and happened to get a text message from Monica Blaire saying: “I just sent the joint!” I was on the way down to the first floor and upon arrival, I STAYED on the elevator, punched in my floor number and ventured right back up to my spot so I could open that email and retrieve this newly recorded song.

Blaire and I at our show performing with PPP in Chicago

Before I let ch’all know what I put my ears on, let me tell y’all one damn thing… Blaire is like a younger sister to me – a younger sister who happens to be talented as all hell, but you’ll never hear that from her. If you have not seen her perform live, you’re only cheating yourself…trust me. It was only right that we work together on SOMETHING soon. With all that said, I checked my inbox and listened to the joint and heard Blaire going IN on music that I composed… From what I heard, I think I just received the song that will be closing SunStorm.

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