My Return to Blogging…

I’m starting the blog updates more frequently again. Being that I am currently scouting someone to redo my current site due to the fact that it hasn’t been updated in a year and a half (the story behind is too trifling and entirely too long to type), I will continue to redirect everyone here for new updates, music, videos, or just to listen to me run my mouth from time-to-time I guess… haha

This year has been interesting so far, to say the least. I took my first summer off from teaching music and it was WONDERFUL…

Late July saw the official release of the Zo! And Tigallo Love the 80’s album with Phonte. We kicked the summer off by first releasing the cover art that left people laughing and scratching their heads all at the same time. We ended up releasing it through Fat Beats and it became a #1 seller on their website. As a matter of fact, we only have about 200 copies left of it. For those who have picked it up, a huge thank you for supporting our music. If you are wondering where you can purchase it, look here

The craziest thing that has happened as a result of the 80’s album, Joe Little who is the lead singer of The Rude Boys contacted me on MySpace in September… WOW. He had positive things to say about our cover of “Written All Over Your Face”…What an honor, much love to Joe Little.

I’m feeling pretty good right now y’all. My girl YahZarah just stopped through the studio this afternoon and picked out a couple more joints for us to work on (in addition to the couple we are currently working on).

…AND, I just added a secret weapon to the studio! Whooooooooo LAWD!!

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