“Overdue Process” Tracklisting and Release Date

Umm… Well, you didn’t hear this from me. But uhhh…. Here’s some more info on the new album. Let’s keep this between us…..

Zo! & Asylum 7

Overdue Process

one. Intro

two. Timeline (cuts by Roddy Rod)

three. Overdue Process

four. Mentality Maker

five. Crossover (feat. Miz Korona)

six. Resistance is Futile

seven. Crushing (feat. AB)

eight. In Yourself

nine. Simplicity

ten. One Bad Thing (cuts by O. Hunter a/k/a DJ Dirty Ice)

eleven. The Lineup (feat. MetasyonsFinalé & Buff1) (cuts by Crate Digga)

twelve. Rigorous

thirteen. Gotta Live (feat. Asheru)

Produced by Zo! for Chapter 3hree, Verse 5ive Music / BMI

Written by Asylum 7

(except where noted)

Arrival Date…

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

An Introduction to Zo! & Asylum 7’s "Overdue Process" album

Back in the summer of 2004, as I did almost every Tuesday night around that time I ventured down to the Carbon Lounge in Hamtramck, MI. Carbon was a spot that would showcase different local hip-hop artists every week and would follow their performances with a cipher of freestyling emcees that would show off their best or simply sharpen up their skills. Being that I have never been an emcee, just laying low and watching the overflow of talented kats pick up the mic in that place was satisfying enough for me. One night in particular, I was in the spot checking out this duo who called themselves The Runaways. Now normally, being that I’m always so immersed in the music and trying to take a song apart and put it back together in my head I have never been one to really pay attention to lyrics like that (it takes me forever to learn the words to songs) – but one of the kats by the name of Asylum 7 stood out as he rhymed with the hunger of a young LL (circa 1985). His wordplay, stage presence and command of mic was undeniable. So after the set, I walked up and introduced myself and suggested that we should work. The next day we were on the phone scheduling a time to meet up…a couple days later 7 was at my house picking out music we should work on (I ended up constructing the beat right then and there for him to take home and write to)…and a few days after that, we were in a studio in Ann Arbor, MI recording our first joint together, “Listen Up.” We ended up working together on another joint that ended up closing A7’s debut EP Brown Study entitled “Observe (Remix).” With the feedback we received from these couple of songs and the ease at which the results came, it was almost a no-brainer – we need to start on an album, or at LEAST continue working. We talked about that even before I moved east in early 2006…

We recorded the first song for the album back in July 2007. At that point, we were both working on other projects and we decided to let the music dictate the flow of the album without forcing creativity. Soon after all of the production work was finished for the Zo! & Tigallo Love the 80’s album and 7 finished working on his Lights Out project with producer Eddie Logix, the production for our album was then put into overdrive. I basically went from Phonte‘s great work ethic to Asylum 7’s…and what an easy transition that was. Everything I was sending A7’s way was being turned around in 24-48 hours with a, “Send the next one through when you get a chance” message attached to it. Those who we asked to be a part of the album recorded without even a second thought – This lead to contributions from emcees such as: Asheru, Buff1, Finalé, Miz Korona, Metasyons
and talented vocalist AB. DJ’s Roddy Rod, Dirty Ice and Crate Digga came through for us on the cuts…Hundreds of back and forth emails, thousands of tweaks and 13 songs later, we now have a complete product on our hands….

Overdue Process

Stay tuned as we have some special things planned for this project. Next, be on the lookout for the cover art and tracklisting…


"If She Breaks Your Heart" – The Foreign Exchange

For those who are unaware, The Foreign Exchange album was released today in physical form (last week was the digital release). I am definitely honored to be a part of such a wonderful project. Soon after I completed production work on “When Everything Is New” for Little Brother, Phonte hit me back up and told me that he and Nic wanted to mess with a joint called “If She Breaks Your Heart.” When I heard it I got right to work by laying my very first idea down, which in this case happened to be the drums. The next day, sent Phonte an instrumental. We must have been in each other’s heads that day because it was exactly what he had envisioned for the song. A couple weeks later, he sent the joint back to me with YahZarah’s vocals on it and LAWD have mercy! I was always a fan of Yahz’s singing, but hearing her voice on the raw instrumental version of this song gave me a newfound respect for her talents…her vocals on that song still gives me goosebumps and I have heard the joint at least 500 times. Once the first part of the song was finished, Marc Mac from 4Hero arranged the strings on top (another LAWD have mercy moment) and Nicolay added the change to the end that was just ridiculous. The result… track #8 on the Leave It All Behind album by The Foreign Exchange“If She Breaks Your Heart” produced by Zo! & Nicolay

My Return to Blogging…

I’m starting the blog updates more frequently again. Being that I am currently scouting someone to redo my current site due to the fact that it hasn’t been updated in a year and a half (the story behind is too trifling and entirely too long to type), I will continue to redirect everyone here for new updates, music, videos, or just to listen to me run my mouth from time-to-time I guess… haha

This year has been interesting so far, to say the least. I took my first summer off from teaching music and it was WONDERFUL…

Late July saw the official release of the Zo! And Tigallo Love the 80’s album with Phonte. We kicked the summer off by first releasing the cover art that left people laughing and scratching their heads all at the same time. We ended up releasing it through Fat Beats and it became a #1 seller on their website. As a matter of fact, we only have about 200 copies left of it. For those who have picked it up, a huge thank you for supporting our music. If you are wondering where you can purchase it, look here

The craziest thing that has happened as a result of the 80’s album, Joe Little who is the lead singer of The Rude Boys contacted me on MySpace in September… WOW. He had positive things to say about our cover of “Written All Over Your Face”…What an honor, much love to Joe Little.

I’m feeling pretty good right now y’all. My girl YahZarah just stopped through the studio this afternoon and picked out a couple more joints for us to work on (in addition to the couple we are currently working on).

…AND, I just added a secret weapon to the studio! Whooooooooo LAWD!!