News 05.11.08

What’s goin’ on y’all? First of all, a huge Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there… I hope everyone enjoyed it.

For those who know… I have been adjusting to a new life, teaching music, while continuing to pull a 4.0 in these Master’s Degree classes at George
Washington University. So these updates haven’t been coming as often as they should…and it looks like we have some catching up to do.

The Zo! and Tigallo Love the 80’s album is coming sooner than you may think. Besides Phonte and myself, we have some additional vocals from Darien Brockington and Carlitta Durand, a couple of remixes from

Trackademicks and Nicolay. The question that we have received the most about this album besides “When is the album dropping?” is “Can we get a tracklisting?” So I’m gonna be a nice guy and give you the songs on the
album. You ready?

Ok, here we go…The tracklisting goes as follows: “Africa”, “Take On Me”… and a few others…

…Sorry y’all…I couldn’t give it up that easily. But I know that you all should definitely enjoy what you hear…

The brotha Asheru was over here in the studio just yesterday knocking out a verse for my album with
Asylum 7 recently entitled, Overdue Process EP. The production on this album is back up and in full motion. We are
currently about 8-9 songs deep into the project and steadily moving forward. Matter of fact, this brotha is so diligent that while I was finishing the 80’s joint, 7 completed an album of his own with producer Eddie Logix. Be on the lookout for their joint called, Lights Out @ The Power Grid releasing this month…

In the meantime, I’m still putting together music for my album! How bout that? Tryna get some ‘me’ time in the studio every once in awhile. Folks who have reached out to me for this one so far have been my brotha Phonte,
YahZarah, and Ab. Ab came thr
ough the studio yesterday about an hour after Asheru left. Bottom line, he left with some joints last night at about 11p and sent me a finished joint back at about 4:30p this afternoon. Now, if
that ain’t the beginning of some good music to come, I don’t know what is.

Stay tuned on that one….

Through the year, keep your ears open for work with myself and: Foreign Exchange, Sy Smith, Kev Brown, Buff1, 14KT, Daru Jones, Completion, Rhonda Thomas, and Mr. Hu. I won’t be teaching music at the high school this
summer, so it is wide open for me to put work in…and I’m very anxious to see what is going to come of it. Yes, yes, yes…

Thank you all as always for your continued love and support. Congratulations to my brotha from anotha motha, the new Mr. and Mrs. Pore!

Till next time…

One excited brotha,


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