Pre-Christmas Chicago Trip…12.22.07

Maaan, when I tell y’all I had fun in Chicago this past Saturday… I MEAN it. My boy Damont got me from Midway at about noon and it was uphill from there…. 

We hit up Wishbone on Washington for some Shrimp and Grits, then hit up Dr. Wax to catch up with the brotha Duane Powell before the benefit show. By then, it was time to go to soundcheck where I met up with Eric Roberson, Cherisse Scott, Tiaybe, The Primeridians, and finally met YahZarah face-to-face after doing a joint with her back in April for the new Foreign Exchange album… what a talented group of kats. Then arrives my group of brothers from home, The Gorilla Funk Mob ready to rock. ….and can you say let’s meet up and play on no rehearsal? The DuSable Museum was a nice spot to play too, although I couldn’t see the crowd that well at all from the stage, but I certainly heard y’all and felt the support after the show w/those who approached me in the lobby with positive words. We played a 45 minute set of stuff from Freelance and one joint from Passion & Definition (“Open Invitation”). It was good to perform w/my kats Tate, G-Rock & Mikus…..ALWAYS having fun shedding out. The thing was……the Dr. Wax Benefit show was just the beginning. We headed over to the after party spot to see what was goin on. We got in to that joint and… …..well…… the joint was pretty… uhh, wack.

So kats gathered outside and all the sudden Cherisse busts out with, “I’ll cook….”

Then YahZarah says, “Yeah, I’ll make some peach cobbler and salmon cakes…!”

Wait a minute……what in the hell?  Y’all just rocked your sets at the show and now y’all are about to cook?!? Maaaaan, it felt like college or som’n. So damn if we all didn’t chip in about $10 a piece so that they could go grocery shopping @ about 1:30am to cook for 
kats…….In the meantime, me and went back to he and his fiancée’s spot for a drink, then came back out to the REAL after party.

We got there and the brotha Shawn Wallace who played keys for the house band that night made us a drink and it was a straight laugh-a-thon from that point on. Macaroni and cheese was already sitting out in a tin looking so lovely… I decided to devour about 3 scoops worth. Next came the salmon cakes….ahyessir. I did end up going back for seconds. How about some Southern style potatoes by Cherisse? Goodness…. And to top it all off……the peach cobbler w/some vanilla ice cream, which ended up getting taken care of at about 5am. Man, man, MAN….Chicago sure knows how to treat a brotha……….

Pictures: (Top to bottom) – 1. Me and Damont,  2. Me and Eric Roberson, 3. Duane Powell, YahZarah and me, 4. Me and YahZarah while she cooks salmon cakes, 5. Me and Damont puttin a hurting on YahZarah’s peach cobbler at 5am.

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