Zo! and Asylum 7 – “Gotta Live” (feat. Asheru) LINK

Yes y’all… It’s midnight, November 4th and I’m just real excited right now. We are right on the brink of a very historic election, so let’s make it happen today at the polls…! Vote, Vote, VOTE!!!

ALSO, Asylum 7 and myself decided that this would be an excellent time to leak the very first joint from our collaborative album Overdue Process. This one is called “Gotta Live” featuring my man Asheru (Unspoken HeardBoondocks Theme, etc.).

Enjoy this one and keep your eyes open for the album’s arrival on

December 16th…

“Gotta Live” (feat. Asheru)

Zo! and Asylum 7

Produced by Zo!

All Instruments by Zo!

Lyrics written by Asylum 7 & Asheru

Peace y’all…and thanks for listening.


“Overdue Process” Tracklisting and Release Date

Umm… Well, you didn’t hear this from me. But uhhh…. Here’s some more info on the new album. Let’s keep this between us…..

Zo! & Asylum 7

Overdue Process

one. Intro

two. Timeline (cuts by Roddy Rod)

three. Overdue Process

four. Mentality Maker

five. Crossover (feat. Miz Korona)

six. Resistance is Futile

seven. Crushing (feat. AB)

eight. In Yourself

nine. Simplicity

ten. One Bad Thing (cuts by O. Hunter a/k/a DJ Dirty Ice)

eleven. The Lineup (feat. MetasyonsFinalé & Buff1) (cuts by Crate Digga)

twelve. Rigorous

thirteen. Gotta Live (feat. Asheru)

Produced by Zo! for Chapter 3hree, Verse 5ive Music / BMI

Written by Asylum 7

(except where noted)

Arrival Date…

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

The Music That 2008 Will Bring…

*comes up for air*

Gather ’round y’all, gather ’round….

First, I am currently finishing up the Zo! & Tigallo Love the 80’s! EP with my brotha in music, Phonte. This is something that came about through our mutual respect for each other’s talents……and quite simply because both of us are music fanatics. For example, “Africa” was born out of a conversation we had at the end of ’06 that we had going back and forth about our favorite 70’s and 80’s joints. Next thing you know….here comes “Take On Me”. With “Steppin’ Out” already completed, gears shifted like, we need to make this an official joint. Since then, three more have been done….won’t tell y’all which three joints we picked out yet though… Look for this one to drop somewhere between February and December of ’08………………..haha

The third album that I have begun production on is yet another collaboration EP with extremely talented Detroit emcee Asylum 7. We have been working together on different things since we met back in 2004 (“Listen Up”, and the “Observe Remix” which appeared on A7’s Brown Study EP). This was another case of dope chemistry and respect for one another’s work ethic. We’re about 7 tracks deep into it and still pushing…

You will also see production on one joint that features YahZarah from the upcoming The Foriegn Exchange album Leave It All Behind. And just yesterday I laid some keys on a joint by my man Kev Brown for his new album. And there’s more…but all of it hasn’t been finalized, so I don’t want to have to retract statements and everything. lol My goal for the year (as it is every year) is to continuously hit ch’all with good, consistent music. Let’s have fun this year…I’m looking forward to it.

Did I also mention that I’m working on another solo LP too?…Just thought I would throw that in there…………………

Thanks for listening…