So… I Done Messed Around and Got A Hat Endorsement

Picture taken from the “Who’s Wearing Belfry Brand?” section of

This is a pretty big deal to me since I have never been asked to endorse anything before until James Sackor (who I am pictured with) with Hats On the Belfry approached me with his card after a Foreign Exchange show in Baltimore back in June and told me that if I needed anything with regards to hats, hit him up. I stuck the card in my wallet (which can be classified at times as ‘No Man’s Land’) and did not see the card again for another month or so. Needless to say, I got back in touch with James in July, worked out the endorsement and I have been getting all of my hats from their stores ever since. Props to y’all… Now let’s see if Yamaha is willing to join in on the endorsement fun!

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