New Discography: Phonte “Gonna Be A Beautiful Night” (Zo’s Legendary Story of a Star Remix) (feat. Carlitta Durand)

(feat. Carlitta Durand)
“Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (Zo’s Legendary Story Of A Star Remix)”
Remix Produced by Zo!
All Instruments by Zo!
From The Foreign Exchange album +FE Music: The Reworks
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+FE Music: The Reworks – Now Available!!


+FE Music: The Reworks – On iTunes

The remix compilation that you have been hearing piece-by-piece via leaks and snippets within the last month has been released and is now available!

I have one remix on the album – Put my spin on Phonte’s “Gonna Be A Beautiful Night”.

You all enjoy!!

Zo! Newest Endorser of Lewitt Audio!

Lewitt Audio LCT 540 condenser microphone looking nice in East Wing Studios

Lewitt Audio LCT 540 condenser microphone looking nice in East Wing Studios

First it was Moog Music back in November… This time the good folks at Lewitt Audio have welcomed me aboard as one of their artists! Right after getting the last minute call to play keys for Sy Smith in the Lewitt Lounge last month at NAMM, Sy took the time to introduce me to the company’s Artist Relations Representative, Edwin Oliver. After actually playing the show, he passed me his card and said, “I got you!!” I was just kinda standing there looking like, “Did I just walk outta here with an endorsement?” Sure enough, I got back home to the East Coast and contacted him a little after the dust settled from NAMM. After about a month of communicating, things were made official yesterday morning when I signed off on the agreement making me the newest endorser of Lewitt Audio products! Kinda crazy considering the fact that I wasn’t even going to GO to NAMM this year. So, shouts to Sy Smith and Edwin Oliver for this one… I’ll be sure to post a picture of the new toy for the studio once it arrives!


Behind The Scenes: ‘ManMade’ Photo Shoot in NC with Creative Silence


Let’s just say I was a bit overdue for a new photo shoot…. SO, I trooped back down to North Carolina to get some pictures taken for the new album ManMade by Creative Silence (Phonte’s Charity Starts At Home and Median’s The Sender). The majority of the shots were done last night……. and the remainder will be shot this afternoon. I’m looking very forward to seeing what this cover art is gonna look like. Y’all stay tuned…

Goal: To play part of a show or two on this in 2013…


So far in my career, I have played full shows on the keys (of course), the bass guitar, and the drums… I’m still just a “studio gangsta” on that guitar. Well, I’ve set a goal for myself that this year, I’ll play some music on the guitar on stage… Y’all stay tuned. I’m practicing… It’ll happen.

Time Rewind: Zo! + Sy Smith performing “Greatest Weapon Of All Time” in Paris, France (March 5, 2011)

I’ll just start by saying that I love this clip. Rarely do I watch a performance of ours without heavily critiquing it, but this one I can actually sit and enjoy. This entire show was just… FUN. I wish there was more footage available on the net from it. The band that assembled to play with Sy Smith and I that night was incredible, the crowd was ridiculous and showed BIG love after the show. What better way to begin the “Time Rewind” series than with this particular video…. Love to Paris! I’m ready to go back…

Performing “Nights Over Egypt” with Sy Smith at the Lewitt Lounge at NAMM 2013 (Video)

Thanks to our brother, Tim Scott Jr. (drummer for The Foreign Exchange), I was able to get my hands on full performance videos of Sy’s performance in the Lewitt Lounge at NAMM 2013. Let me just say up front, that I was having a BLAST on stage with these kats whom I met no more than a half hour than we actually set foot on stage to put on a show… Hell, I wasn’t even supposed to be ON the show, but that’s how things work out sometimes. Anyway, please enjoy myself on keys, Lemar Carter on drums, Terron Crayton on bass, Erick Walls on guitar, and of course Sy Smith saingin’ her ass off as we loosened up and rocked out for the crowd that gathered in the lounge for us.