New Show Dates Announced – With Sy Smith & The Foreign Exchange

I may be coming to perform in a city near you… Check the new show dates. I will be announcing some more in the next couple of weeks as well…

For ALL future show information click here

April 21 – With The Foreign Exchange @ Triad College Music Festival – Greensboro, NC  BUY TICKETS

May 3 – Zo! + Sy Smith @ DROM – New York City, NY  BUY TICKETS

May 5 – Zo! + Sy Smith @ Apache Café – Atlanta, GA  BUY TICKETS

May 10 – Zo! + Sy Smith @ 2826 Arnetic – Dallas, TX  BUY TICKETS

May 11 – Zo! + Sy Smith @ Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX  BUY TICKETS

June 3 – With The Foreign Exchange @ The 20th Annual Capital Jazz Fest – Columbia, MD  BUY TICKETS

June 4 – With The Foreign Exchange @ Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY  BUY TICKETS

June 5 – With The Foreign Exchange @ The Middle East (Downstairs) – Cambridge, MA  BUY TICKETS

June 7 – With The Foreign Exchange @ Shaka’s – Virginia Beach, VA  BUY TICKETS

June 8 – With The Foreign Exchange @ Lincoln Theatre – Raleigh, NC  BUY TICKETS

June 9 – With The Foreign Exchange @ The Emerald Lounge – Asheville, NC  BUY TICKETS

June 13 – Zo! + Sy Smith @ Blues Alley – Washington, DC (1st SHOW – 8:00pm)  BUY TICKETS

June 13 – Zo! + Sy Smith @ Blues Alley – Washington, DC (2nd SHOW – 10:00pm) BUY TICKETS

Unveiling of the “Zotif” Keyboard…

Well folks, after you have played a few shows here and there, done some touring with the same brand of equipment and gotten no love from the endorsement side of things after trying repeatedly to contact a Yamaha company that shall remain nameless (oops)… There comes a time for a little something that I like to call “SELF endorsement”…

Endorsing one’s self doesn’t have to involve anything huge like opening a store or starting your own television channel…hell, you don’t even have to involve your ego. Most of the time it simply serves as a brief reminder to folks, corporate and otherwise that, “Hey, us bottom of the barrel musicians who travel the world using nothing but your products are working hard too!” *insert laugh here* With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to a product that was newly delivered to my studio earlier this evening… The “Zotif” Keyboard!

Looks like you may have seen this board before huh? I know, I know… Well, it actually functions verrrry similarly to the Yamaha Motif keyboard, BUT this one is crazy because it actually advertises my logo and new website. *waves index finger and quotes Eddie Murphy’s elder Jewish character from ‘Coming To America’* “Ahhhckkhaaaa!!!!!” I feel extremely privileged because they don’t manufacture too many of these, so I wouldn’t even waste my time on eBay or Craig’s List looking for one. I have heard the numbers from the manufacturer and they’re actually keeping it in the single digits, so I’ll be a nice guy and I’ll let you steal some views of mine… You may see me on stage at an +FE or a Zo! + Sy Smith show with a Zotif sometime soon – Then again now that I think about it some more, you just never know WHEN it may surface…

*end sarcasm*


The ultra rare “Zotif” keyboard…

Zotif Instagram Link

Welcome To the Newly Launched…


Finally, finally, FINALLY….

Out with and in with….

This is it… This is now my official artist website. So any information on upcoming shows, my musical catalog, back stories, NEW stories, booking inquiriesvideosany of my releasesmerchandise, and any other miscellaneous information you can think of can be found right here.

The store is now up and running so feel free to catch up on any back catalog of mine that you may be missing. There is even a place to contact me and ask a question or two if you’d like and for my Twitter and Facebook folks, both of my pages can be found on the right side.

Make sure to join the mailing list so that you are updated and kept completely in the loop… Outside of that, i’m looking forward to keeping things interesting here for y’all on this site that is finally 100% operated and conducted by me (yes, there is an elaborate story behind why this is such a big deal….. i’ll write about it later on)…


New Album Gets the First of Many “Car Tests”

The first of MANY rough draft CDs for the new album...

Well… You are looking at the first of MANY CDs that will go through the intense editing and tweaking process I and many others like to call: “The Car Test”. I always want my music to sound great while riding… So I burn what I have from the studio onto a CD because the equalizer is flat and the volume remains consistent (unlike an mp3 player for example). This process repeats itself continuously until the day I get that mastered copy in my hands for one final playback. When it gets Car Test approval, my work is finally done. Because of this, the Car Test is a necessary and very essential piece in my creative process.

Teachers / Educators = EXTREMELY Underappreciated …Thus underpaid.

I posted this last year while I was still teaching in the classroom:

As a HS Music Teacher, I am (in this particular order):

A bouncer, a positive Black male influence, a master in the art of PATIENCE, a bodyguard, a comfortable constant, a debate expert, a bullshit detector, a listening ear and possible advice giver, an attention caterer, a therapist, a musician, a counselor, a professional wrestler, a temporary daddy replacement, a police officer, and a teacher…

Teachers.. We need you and salute you.