Student Quotables… Volume III

And now for the THIRD installment of the infamous…!! A great sense of humor and teaching go hand in hand…

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• On Religion:

After telling us that his father is of Jamaican heritage and has successfully run from Jamaica to Africa… to Europe, one of the 10th graders informed us that, “…all Jamaicans worship JAHeim.”

• First Plane Ride:

“I’ve been on a plane before… I flew to Denver and THEN to Colorado!”

• Future Nutritionist?

Student leans in to tell a teacher during lunch time,

“You know you should eat a lot of bananas, because they’re high in potabolism.”


Student: “You’re from Detroit?… So you know how to steal cars real well?”

Me: “And WHY would you say THAT?”

S: “They made that movie about y’all, you know the movie about stealing cars?”

M: *thinking for a minute* “Hold up… You mean ‘New Jersey DRIVE’?!?!!!”


M: “But uhhh….. THAT movie took place in NEW JERSEY, NOT DETROIT, MICHIGAN”

S: *mouth slowly opens to form the word* “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

• One of my 1st period students saw somebody with a mullet and said,

“Daaaaamn, he got a musket!!”

On Race and Pasta:

Student: “Well, Black people eat pork chops, Mexicans eat black beans, Italians eat pasta, and white people eat spaghetti.”

Teacher: *puzzled look* “But spaghetti and pasta are the same thing.”

S: “No their not… spaghetti is noodles.”

T: “So what’s pasta then?”

S: “Alfredo.”

Movie Time:

• I was showing the classic movie Wild Style to my students and one of the kids made the comment:

“Maaan, I didn’t even think they HAD white people in New York in the 80’s…”

• Showed the documentary Planet B-Boy to my classes one week, which showcased an international breakdancing competition…

Student: “They don’t have an American team in the competition?” 

Me: “They do, the American team is out of Las Vegas.” 

S: “So they don’t speak English?”

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